[2.3] Lack of Preparation

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Key takeaways:

Understanding your existing relationship with your team member is critical to having successful one-on-ones moving forward. Here are some common relationship archetypes, as well as some things to keep in mind when approaching one-on-ones with your team member.

They're new to the team

  • Every team as their own "norms", this is your opportunity to present one-on-ones as a "norm" on your team

You're new to the team

  • It's really important to be humble as you approach implementing one-on-ones. You have great ideas, but so do your team members — ask a lot of questions to dig into those great ideas
  • It's ok to have a set process or idea of how you want to do things in mind, but you need to be flexible and make it work for the whole team

There's no trust

  • Be patient — one-on-ones are not an overnight fix
  • It's important to seek to understand their history and what might be causing the lack of trust
  • Be as open and honest as possible

You were their peer

  • Show and demonstrate humility
  • Acknowledge the situation
  • Empower your team member to help

You've done one-on-ones with them previously, but they fell off the wagon

  • Take ownership for the one-on-ones devolving
  • Be clear that you'd like to move forward together

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